Kirby & King Dedede & Friends (Seconds Quality)

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This pin was originally a collaboration with Arcade Healer! Inspiration for the collaboration was ignited by our love of Kirby and the need to introduce other characters from the Kirby games and bring them together into one super large sized pin! 

This listing is for less-than-perfect pins, commonly referred to as "seconds pins." 

They have minor imperfections as a result of the manufacturing process.

These imperfections may include; scratches, specs, colour bleeds. Pins are selected at random.

These pins are perfectly fine for wearing out, therefore a great chance to snap up your favourite pin at a discount price!

♥ Type: hard enamel
♥ Metal: 18k plated gold plated iron
♥ Size: 70 x 50mm
♥ Colours: 9 + glitter
♥ Packaging: Rubber clasp x 3, backing card, and plastic sealed