Megan Allison Design's brand explores popular culture themes ranging from sci-fi, fantasy, games and more in a whimsical way. Each design can contrast between dark, bio-mechanical or shadowy characters to sugary sweet cuteness. 


♡ Do you take Twitch commissions?

I do however my wait-list every month quickly fills. If you want to keep track on whether my commissions are open or closed it is best to see my announcements on Twitter. When commissions are open, the Twitch Asset products will be available to purchase.

♡ Do you take design commissions?

I review commission requests on a case by case basis. Generally my acceptance of a project will depend on my availability. Feel free to contact me if you have a project in mind.

♡ Are you open to collaborate with my brand?

Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas. I am open to collaborating with companies and artists.

♡ Do you do wholesale?

We are currently not accepting wholesale orders. The only stores you can purchase Megan Allison Design pins are this official website and the official Etsy store.

♡ Are you open to being interviewed on our blog/magazine/podcast?

Feel free to contact me to discuss. I have contributed to blogs in the past sharing my creative process.

♡ Can I get your artwork tattooed?

Feel free to contact me to discuss.


♡ Where do you ship from?

We ship from Sydney, Australia.

♡ How much is shipping?

In order to keep the shipping costs low for international buyers, I have set up listings adhering to postage minimum & maximum weights. Shipping is calculated based off the weight of items and customer location in checkout.

♡ When will my order ship?

I am to pick and post all orders within 5 - 7 business days.

♡ How long does international shipping take?

On average shipping from Australia takes 6 - 8 weeks.

For shipping services with tracking, lead time for delivery is generally 10 working days.

♡ Why is shipping so expensive?

The price for international shipping reflects the current shipping rates of Australian Post.  Unfortunately, I have no control over the shipping rates.

♡ Does my order come with tracking?

Shipping calculated at checkout will advise if the shipping type comes with tracking or if tracking is not included. On fulfillment of your order the tracking number will be advised.

♡ I think my parcel is lost, what do I do?

I am not liable for any products lost during shipping however please email me at megan.allison.design@gmail.com with your concerns so I can assist you.

♡ Will I have to pay custom taxes / import fees?

Customers are fully responsible for any taxes or fees that occur for international orders.

Order Questions

♡ What currency does this store transact in?

This store transacts in AUD. Currency conversion is shown for your ease of use, but the checkout is always processed in AUD.

♡ My order arrived damaged, what do I do?

Please take a photo of the damaged goods / damaged packaging and email me at megan.allison.design@gmail.com with your concerns so I can assist you. Minor damaged like bent pin posts can b e easily fixed.

♡ My order is missing items or has the wrong items?

Please take a photo of the order items and email me at megan.allison.design@gmail.com with your concerns so I can assist you.

♡ Do you accept returns / exchanges?

We do not accept returns or exchanges. Please be sure to read the product descriptions before making your purchase.



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